Does It Cost To Use Trust A Trade?

No, the service is completely free to use. Use the search bars on the home screen to search through your location and the tradesmen category you need. Options will appear, it is your decision on whom to contact.

How Do We Verify Our Tradespeople?

Here at TrustATrade is it very important for us to maintain the highest standard of Tradespeople on our website. Below is a list of the checks we complete for any person/company:

  1. Legally Working Here In Spain *
  2. Identification Checks *
  3. Proof Of Address *
  4. A Signing Of Trust A Trade’s ‘Code OF Conduct & Ethics’ *
  5. Reference Checked (Voice Verified Reviews Minimum 5) *
  6. UK Based Qualification Checks
  7. Spanish Qualification Checks
  8. Additional Insurance Checks
  9. Site Checks

For a company to become a ‘Verified Company’ on the website they must comply with the above starred checks (1-5). All additional checks are additional.

How Do I Contact My Chosen Tradesmen?

There are 3 ways to contact a trades person. On each individuals/companies page you will find 3 buttons.

  1. Contact, a standard contact form you can fill out (at the top of the persons profile)
  2. Quick CallBack, a request for the individual/company to call back (at the top of the profile)
  3. Quick Quote, a quick quote form for a quick quote (located half way down the profile on the right)

Why Use Trust A Trade?

Trust A Trade is a independent review based website. We believe that being able to see what others think that have used their service is a key way to employing a tradesman.

We check all reviews that are left on our website to make sure they are genuine. thus avoiding ‘The Cowboys’.